Hello, I'm Katelyn. I'm deeply honored you would consider working with me and for taking your time to learn a little more about me. I first became interested in childbirth after seeing my sister give birth to my first nephew. The experience was empowering, beautiful and humbling all at the same time. I knew nothing about birth walking into that room but after seeing three people grow before my eyes into something more stunning than they were a mere moment ago, I knew I wanted to documented it.

Since then I studied at NYIP in professional photography and have taken multiple photography workshops, especially in newborn safety. I attended a labor Doula training in Barre, VT, taught by DONA International Birth Doula trainer Rina Crane and organized by The Doula Project VT (they are both amazing, definitely look them up), that started my journey to become a DONA International Certified Doula. I have researched about the process of birth, methods, theories, positions.. and though I have gained a lot of knowledge and feel much more qualified to be apart of it, the most important to me is as long as you and your baby are happy - no birth is wrong. 

I live in a little log home in Ossipee, NH with my two kitty friends, Neville Bamshoot and Toki Wartooth, and my husband Mark, the bearded fellow (and Sloth) below. In my spare time I enjoy watching tv, Always Sunny, Game of Thrones, 30 Rock, Peep Show and the Office are among my most favorites. When I'm not on call, my husband and I like to attend Comic Cons and collect autographs, mostly Star Wars though our focus is ever expanding.  

I am passionate about documenting authentic moments, probably why I love birth photography so much - no one is faking it there. I promise will not make you "say cheese" or hug a tree (unless you want to). I want to give you images that will match the memories you keep, the little moments - making english muffin pizzas, going to the jungle gym, seeing your new addition to the family for the first time, showing the luminous being you are. I know taking photos can be a daunting task but I will do my best to make it an relaxed, fun experience for all. I hope to hear from you soon! 

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